Orange 'top ups' TVC
Directed by Steve Small
Produced by Sharon Titmarsh @ Studio AKA
Combines puppetry, stop motion animation with CG additions. The art direction and photography had to closely tie into the look of an established and successful print campaign. ShotRED ONE, which ultimately gave us the versatility to shoot multiple frame rates at high resolutions with the ability to capture single frames. We shot with a nice set of Canon K35 prime lenses.
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Advertising, Animation, Cinematography
  • Features a uniquely appealing array of cardboard cutout characters, designed by Peepshow Creative's Chrissie McDonald and marks the animation debut of this distinctive print campaign from Orange. 
  • Director: Steve Small
    Producer: Sharon Titmarsh
    Technical Director: Fabrice Altman
    Head Of 3D: James Galliard
    Producer (Live Unit) Glenn Holberton
    Red DAS: Richard Bradbury
    Gaffer: John Whickman